Great Travel Outdoor Ideas You Should Ponder and Experience

Great Travel Outdoor Ideas You Should Ponder and Experience

Best Outdoor and Country  Tourism Vacations. Extream and for Family.

An outdoor travel experience can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. It’s a dare that you should make and take the plunge to live it so you ca experience excitement, satisfaction and a sense of achievement. It’s exploration at its best that you can do on foot, bicycle, horseback or from a vantage point! Get all the inspiration you long for by taking part in these outdoor excursions.

· Whale watching:

watching the migration of 27 species of whales and dolphins has got to be an awesome sight. You can watch them from the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego; in Santa Barbara or Monterey Bay in California; the Kodiak Islands of Alaska plus many more sites. Where there are gray whales, you will find killer whales which hunt these massive over 40 foot long and over 30 tons heavy behemoths for food! This migration event can be enjoyed as far away as the Hawaiian Islands where seasonal migration of Humpback Whales can be witnessed from the National Marine Sanctuary.

· Outback trails:

if you crave excitement off the main road and onto rough terrain tracks then you should take a look at the Hollister Hills in California or the bush tracks of Moab in Utah. If you fancy rough driving through thick mud, you have an impressive selection of sites from the Cliffs Insane Terrain Of-Road Park in Illinois, the Whipsaw Trail in British Columbia (Central), the Shilo Ridge in Texas and the Redneck Yacht Club in Florida. Any of these will provide you with enough excitement for a lifetime.

· Mud trail rides:

rough rides through the mud tracks in the outback can be an unforgettable experience. The best of these can be found in Moab, Utah and the Redneck Yacht Club in Florida. It’s at these two sites that you’ll get the best riding experience of the wet and muddy type. The track in Moab, Utah has been a battle ground for mountain bikers, hikers, rafters and off the road travellers. The trail has been so frequented and dissected some of the trails have had to be closed off but the fun still goes on at other sections of the area.

· Florida mud trails outshines all others:

The Redneck Yacht Club in Florida is classed as the ultimate destination for mud rides and off-road enthusiasts. The mud track comprises an 800 acres park dotted with 3 mud holes and a mud track for all the mud spraying you care to handle but in addition, you get treated to a drive-thru wash after the rough ride, camping space, a selection of food vendors and many more to relax your muscles after the rough ride.

· Scenic parks and forests:

if you are more tuned in to scenic and aesthetic beauty you can drive through the Pacific Northwest Trail that spans 1,200 miles of scenic natural landscapes, national parks and forests. Or you can opt to travel along the Applachian Trail on a long treck of discovery and scenic beauty through 14 states from Georgia to Maiine.

These selections of outdoor activities can excite your days during the coming months so you’d better start preparing yourself.

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